The Macdonell-Williamson House

This magnificent residence was built in 1817 on the Ottawa River by John Macdonell (fur trader, partner in the North West Company, District Court Judge, entrepreneur) for his Métis wife, Magdeleine Poitras and their 12 children.

In 1882, William Williamson and his wife, Mary Ellen Everett, acquired the House. The Williamsons made several changes to the House and their descendants preserved the property until it was expropriated for the Quebec Hydro project at Carillon in 1961.

The Ontario Heritage Trust has owned this National Historic Site since 1978.

Friends of the Macdonell-Williamson House Inc. was appointed custodian in 1997.


The Macdonell-Williamson House, National Historic Site

by Valerie Verity
Vankleek Hill, Ontario: The Review, 1998.

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Directions to House

45°33’48" N     74°23’00.94" W

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